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Pre-analyzed Spanish sentences

Browse the sentences (click on overview or on one of the icons below):
GYM1-GYM200 UNV1.*-UNV31.* UNB1.*-UNB25.* UNC1.*-UNC25.*

Enter search string:
Text search Find single sentence
Pattern search Find all matching sentences
Visualization: Notational convention GYM-settings

In the box above, you can type in either a whole sentence from the pre-analyzed set, or a unique string from the sentence, or the relevant identifying code found at the left of each sentence. Alternatively, you can click on the icon to the left of each sentence, if there is one.


Overview of Sources for Pre-analyzed Spanish Sentences

Sætninger til danske gymnasier

af Susanne Vestergaard

Sætninger til universitetsniveau

af Uwe Kjær Nissen



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