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Uwe Kjær Nissen (Spanish)



Work Phone: (+ 45) 65 50 33 24

Home Phone: (+ 45) 65 95 78 98

Telefax: (+ 45) 65 93 51 41


Uwe Kjær Nissen is Associate Professor ('lektor') in Spanish linguistics at the Institute of Language and Communication, Odense University. His main fields of research are - apart from the VISL-project - gender and language, grammatical gender, translation studies and Spanish syntax and pragmatics.

Some of his publications:

Nissen, Uwe Kjær. 1991. "Feminiseringstendenser i moderne spansk ["Tendencies towards the feminisation of modern Spanish"]." Ph. D. dissertation (unpublished, in Danish), Odense Universitet.

Nissen, Uwe Kjær. 1994. "Is cook ´der Koch´ or ´die Köchin´?" Hermes. Journal of Linguistics 12: 51-63.

Nissen, Uwe Kjær. 1997a. "Do sex-neutral and sex-specific nouns exists: The way to non-sexist Spanish." In Kommunikation von Geschlecht. Communication of gender, Linck, Gudula and Pasero, Ursula (eds.), 222-241. Pfaffenweiler: Centaurus.

Nissen, Uwe Kjær. 1997b. "Soziolinguistik der Syntax? Genuskongruenz im Spanischen aus feministischer Sicht." In Sprache und Geschlecht in der Romania. Romanistisches Kolloquium X, Dahmen, Wolfgang et al. (eds.), 321-344. Tübingen: Gunther Narr.

Nissen, Uwe Kjær. 1997c (2nd ed.). Syntaktisk analyse af spanske se - konstruktioner, Noter og Kommentarer fra Romanske Centre, 110. Odense University.

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