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Danish VISL
 Overview This link returns you to this navigation guide to Danish VISL.
 Credits View references and credits.
 Info View information specific to Danish VISL: Symbol sets.
 Tools Run a spell checker on a Danish text, or translate a Danish text into English, Esperanto or Norwegian (for Portuguese-Danish and English-Danish cf. the resp. language pages).
Sentence Analysis
 Pre-analyzed View and work with grammatical analyses of pre-analyzed Danish sentences.
 Machine Analysis View and work with computer-generated grammatical analyses in various modes.
 Games Test your skills with form and function language games.
 Quizzes Find and correct errors in a variety of English exercises.
 SDU corpus search Search different Danish corpora, tagged and untagged.
 Arboretum Search a Danish treebank (excerpts of Korpus90/2000).
 Danish <=> Portuguese Find Danish equivalents of Portuguese words and expressions (and vice versa).
 Danish <=> Esperanto Find Danish equivalents of Esperanto words and expressions (and vice versa).
 Definitions (in Danish) Look up definitions of grammatical terms. (In Danish)