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Upload interface


This interface makes it possible to upload a larger textfile for parsing with the VISL-system. When the file is uploaded, a notification will be shown together with an aproximation of the time needed to parse the file. Finally a link will be shown to where the analysed version of your text can be retrieved. Currently only plain textfiles in Unicode UTF-8 format are accepted (maximum size 10000 characters), which can be uploaded directly from a folder on your local computer. If you need to process more, contact Eckhard Bick for a processing agreement. Please make sure your text does not contain any formatting information from MS Word or another text processor.

Policy for usage of uploaded material

As a research and teaching project, VISL is happy to provide this upload service to our user community, but we would like to know a little about our "customers" and the texts involved, in order to provide better parser profiling and resource allocation, not to mention justification of funding priorities. Also, VISL maintains a corpus search interface for 7 languages, and would like to integrate uploaded texts into the searchable text body where copy right permissions allow this. We will therefore ask you to fill in a number of text fields for our database.

Copyright status and bibliographical information

Free (no copyright, Public domain or users own text)
The material can freely be used as part of a publically available/searchable VISL corpus.
Maybe/soft copyright (restricted use)
The material can be used by VISL for internal research, but will be protected by a password.
Heavily copyrighted (not to be used)
The material will not be used by VISL. The parsed result will be available for some time througt the link provided to the uploader.
Optionally, bibliographic data, language etc. can be specified for the uploaded material. Useful information would be source/author, genre, time period for the text, and possibly purpose of the analysis.


  1. Specify name, email and text properties
  2. Specify parser options.
  3. Verify options.
  4. Specify a textfile for upload.
  5. Check result link.

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