References and credits

The hand-tagged closed corpus is a joint effort of the Spanish team, supervised by Uwe Kjær Nissen. The Grammy section was added by Eckhard Bick.

Automatic grammatical analysis for Spanish is handled by a multi-level Constraint Grammar system (HIS-PALAVRAS), which is being developed by Eckhard Bick on the basis of a similar project for Portuguese.

The morphological analyzer used is based on a lexicon of 60.000 base forms, and its output is processed by some 5.000 Constraint Grammar rules for morphological, syntactic (and - in part - semantic) disambiguation.

For an introduction to Constraint Grammar theory, see "Fred Karlsson, Constraint Grammar: a language-independent system for parsing unrestricted text, Berlin 1995".

The present version of the system uses VISL's own cg-compiler (vislcg), but is compatible with the CG-2 compiler licensed from Pasi Tapanainen.